Ben May (Interactual)

Ben May portrait photoInteractual LogoFor the last 25 years Ben has been taking risk out of product design development. He has guided design teams in the use of prototyping strategies and technologies to achieve faster and more efficient design iteration resulting both in optimal solutions to user need and lower development costs for clients.

The work of Ben’s company, Interactual, has given him insights in a range of subjects including strategies for early stage product start-ups, the circular economy, Industry 4.0 (Factory of the Future), additive manufacturing and sustainable design. Most notable amongst his current engagements is his role as CTO to PuzzlePhone, a modular mobile phone start-up that is seeking to combat technology obsolescence with product that is hardware upgradable, physically customisable, repairable and re-useable.

Achilleas Sesis (4DeltaEducation)

4Delta Education Logo

At 4DeltaEducation we truly believe that core to all is education. We have created an online training platform for people who want to master the latest vocational technological advances within the world of Engineering. To date, we have created courses in Computer Aided Design and 3D Printing, and we are working on more. For further information please email as at:

Andres Muniz (C4AD)

C4AD LogoAndres has 10 years experience as a Laboratory Manager and Research Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory. There he designed and delivered several high end scientific facilities: ISO class 5 and 7 clean room, Thermoelectric Generator testing equipment, Sample enclosure for optical and X-ray studies of piezoelectric materials. His further research areas included nano-materials studies including  III-V semiconductor multi-junction solar cells using atomic force microscopy in ultra high vacuum and organic electronics.

In his free time he co-founded Richmond MakerLabs and takes an active role in the local community. Recently, he is the founder of C4AD a Community Interested Company where he helps provide high end technical help using Free (as in Liberated) open source software and open hardware.

Jeff Arnold (Sponge Creative)

Blackcab ElephantOur aim is to offer a friendly and personal approach to any ideas from concept to production, assisting inventors with one off ideas to large projects for corporate companies. Expertise in bespoke exhibition stands, custom built awards and toy development. 3D data generation, CNC machining, vacuum casting, vacuum forming, prototype model making, SLA / SLS models, sculpting and spray finishing are just a few of the wide range of services we offer. Please contact us to discuss your project.