We want to develop a community of creative businesses who are all seeking to realise commercially viable end results. It’s our hope that the members of the community will benefit from working amongst other creatives – the sum of the parts is greater than the whole!

This is a professional community resource which only works if everyone contributes. As a minimum we expect our members to respect the space and its utility for other members. That means leaving workspaces and equipment clean and tidy and in good order with all safety equipment in place. It means fessing up to breakages and reporting fair wear and tear.

The membership and equipment pricing depends on everyone respecting and being honest about the space. If equipment if left in a state or gets damaged, lost or abused, we’ll have to reflect the higher costs in the pricing structure – so let’s not go there!

But we also hope that members will want CRE-8 to become the best facility and community that it can be by seeking ways to maximise its potential, helping with the day to day running, preaching it’s virtues to anyone who will listen and helping out with events and activities in support of the CRE-8 community.