Calling all physical product developers, designers, inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs and established product based businesses! Come to our make and test facility!

CRE-8 is a new co-working workshop facility based within Canbury Works in the centre of Kingston aimed at anyone who wants to take a product idea from a napkin doodle to commercial reality and who isn’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

A picture speaks a thousand words but an actual thing sat in your hand speaks a whole lot more. We have all of the equipment you might need to physically conceptualise and prototype, verify and validate so that you can achieve the optimum design for your product that much faster and more efficiently.

Don’t be intimidated – you don’t need to be an expert maker. We will be rolling out workshop training in all the equipment that we have at CRE-8. The facility is also home to in-residence experts who collectively have decades of experienceand who run their own modelmaking and prototyping businesses out of the CRE-8 space. These guys are often times on-hand to advise or will undertake work for you on commission if you run out of time or patience or feel you’ve reached the limits of your own ability.